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Mad Dog Designs
To get UK model manufacturing back on the map. For too long now our hobby has been dominated by cheap and in some cases poor quality ARTF foreign imports, even some of those kits that state ‘Made in the UK’ are not, though designed in the UK some are actually manufactured in China. This has all but crippled the British aero modelling industry which has seen many UK manufacturers go out of business, thus reducing the choice of good quality kits available to you the modeller. We are here to offer you more choice and hopefully with your support more manufacturers will follow suit.

Mickeymoomoos Bespoke Cakes
Bespoke cakes for all occasions including Weddings, Birthdays, Christenings, Anniversaries, Christmas, Easter and Special Events.

Monkseaton Computers
As well as repairing computers, they also sell a wide range of computers, accessories and peripherals.